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Get support for your veteran benefits…our help is free.

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Veterans and survivors received over 1 billion in benefits through Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Service Program in the 2013 fiscal year.
Veterans with spinal cord injury and disease, as well as other veterans needing assistance with VA benefits, entitlements, medical care and other benefits, can rely upon our Arizona Chapter Paralyzed Veterans of America for assistance. Working closely with our Field Officers and the Veteran Benefits Department, has allowed  us to become an effective advocate and resource for veterans and their families.
Veterans Benefits Department (VBD) makes up the largest department in Paralyzed Veterans of America and is dedicated to serving paralyzed veterans. Together we provide free, comprehensive benefits assistance and advocacy.

Our Arizona Chapter, the VBD staff and a national network of National Service Offices provide services to paralyzed veterans, their families, and disabled veterans. These services range from bedside visits to guidance in the VA claims process to legal representation for appealing denied claims.
You can take advantage of our years of experience in advocating successfully for you and your veteran benefits.

We can help you- our services are effective & free.

 10 areas where we can be of assistance to YOU in regard to your veteran benfits:

    • Service connected compensation
    • Non-service connected pension
    • Dependency and indemnity compensation (for survivors of veterans)
    • Reimbursement of emergency medical expenses
    • Home health care
    • Clothing allowances
    • Specially adapted housing
    • Automobile grant and adaptive equipment
    • Special monthly compensation
    • Prosthetics and durable medical equipment

We can assist in obtaining, better understanding, and making use of the benefits
that you or your loved one is entitled to as a United States veteran.
Call our Arizona office direct and we can help get you started: 602-244-9168
Or email us:
Our National Service Officers
and the local Arizona chapter for Paralyzed Veterans of America, (that’s us!)
work hand-in-hand helping you obtain the best information,
care, and understanding of your rights and earned veteran benefits.

National Service Office for Veteran Benefits

3333 North Central Avenue Suite 1055
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone:(602)627-3311 or Toll Free; 1-800-795-7532

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