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Why do we serve our both our veterans & community?

At times we interact with individuals who are discouraged by the fact that we not only help our veterans, but our community at large. Sometimes we have potential donors who decide to take their donations to other organizations who work solely with veterans. That’s okay. Everybody is motivated in their own way; molded by their own beliefs and experiences. Our organization was created first and foremost to serve our valued veterans in need. We do that daily, efficiently, and always with the goal of enhancing our veteran’s lives. Sometimes however, we end up with more supplies and equipment than our veterans and members tell us they are able  to use. That is how our Veteran Lending Closet became our Community Prosthetics Lending Closet.

How do you say ‘no’ to a non-veteran who arrives in this:


Perhaps this simple quote says it best.“When you’re in a position to have gotten so much, the gift at this point is giving back.” Paul Stanley

Call us today and ask about our Prosthetics Lending Closet.
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