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We recognize your service

Our veterans are important to this country; serving and sacrificing in order for us to retain the rights, comforts, and freedoms that make the United States a great country in which to live.
All across the states, veterans are recognized on a local and national level as you will see in this National PVA video.

We want to know and recognize our Arizona veterans. At AZPVA, everyday is Veterans Day. We feel that everybody should be aware of the commitment and dedication that our Arizona servicemen and women have given to this country.

Retired Army Veteran, Sue Wudy’s Story

Retired Air Force Veteran, Paul Cartter’s Story

Our Veteran Brother and Friend, Frank Rigo

Retired Marine Corps., Brother & Public Servant, Homer S. Townsend

Share Your Story or that of a loved one:
Are you a veteran?
Did you, your family member or loved one serve in the military?

Tell us about your mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, friend, or colleague who has served in our U.S. military. Tell us about you.

Help us continue to recognize our servicemen and women; celebrating lives and dedication, in and out of the military. Share a story and/or a picture. Maybe you have a great photo from a recent AZPVA event that you would like to share. Even if you’re not an AZPVA member, we respect our veterans and encourage each of you to share your struggles, triumphs, stories……Your life, commitment of service, and personal victories are important to us.
You can email pictures in JPEG format and stories in a Word document file. Please include good contact information just in case we have any questions for you.
You can also stamp and mail your story/picture but please do not send your original, precious documents- copies only please!

Send all stories and pictures to our AZPVA Media Coordinator, Dee Meza-McCormick at:
Or mail to:
Arizona Chapter Paralyzed Veterans of America
ATTN: Media Coordinator
5015 North 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013

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