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We Serve Both Our Veterans & Community

The Chapter has one of the largest Loan Closets in the state of Arizona we provide durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, toilet risers, tub transfer bench, commode and more.

The AZPVA serves Veterans and families of Veterans who are unable to obtain the equipment through the VA or their insurance, at no cost. After serving our Veterans we are also able to provide equipment to the community for those who can’t afford it or insurance doesn’t cover. If you are a case worker from a care facility and needing equipment for a patient we would like to request a $5 to $20 donation depending on the item. We do not sell this equipment; since we are a non-profit organization any donation would be greatly appreciated. If you need equipment please call first to setup an appointment !! 602-244-9168 !!

Donation Pickup Information

Items need to be clean and in good working condition.
We will not take and dispose of broken, torn, stained, or unusable items.

We do not pick up small items. We send a truck out for pick ups about every two weeks. It is usually staffed with two people and is a large enough that it requires a significant amount of fuel to drive. We do not resell these items. Our loan closet is run strictly on donations !!!

AZPVA accepts equipment that is new or gently used and less than five years old. Equipment must be in good working condition or easily repaired. Exceptions may be made with regard to age or condition of the equipment if it is in high demand, of high value or unusual to access.

We encourage donors to arrange drop off at our main office. We are happy to provide a donation receipt for tax purposes upon request.

Types of equipment being accepted at this time include: 

Computers and related: (Computers, Phones, Tablets, Flat Panel TVs, Accessible Workstations, Adjustable/Ergonomic Chairs, Computer Access Equipment, Touchscreen Monitors, etc.)

Durable Medical Equipment: (Power & Manual Wheelchairs, Transport Chairs, Scooters, Walkers, Ramps, Canes, Crutches, Grabbers, Seat Cushion/Roho, Shower Chairs/Bench, Raised Toilet Seat, Commodes, Bathroom/Toilet Bars, Hospital Bed, Bed Rails, Patients/Hoyer Lift, Lift Chair, Stair Lift, Slide Board, Standing Frames, Over the Bed Table, Prosthetic Legs, etc.)

Daily Living: (Bathing/Toileting Aids, Drinking or Eating Aids, Shoehorns, Clothing Assist devices, etc.)

Hearing: (Assisted Listening/Alerting Devices, Hear Aids, Amplified Phones, etc.)

Recreation, Sports, and Leisure: (Hand cycles, Adaptive Exercise Equipment, 3 Wheel Bikes, Pool Lifts, Any usable fitness equipment that can be used for rehab, etc.)

Speech Communication: (Communication Devices, Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices etc.)

Vehicle Modification and Transportation: (Any vehicles, Accessible Vehicles, Hand Controls, Wheelchair/Scooter Lifts/Carriers, etc.)-Quality accessible vehicle are donated directly to Disabled Veterans

Vision: (Desktop & Portable Video Magnifiers, Reading glasses/Telescopes etc.)

Household Goods

Other: (Accessible Homes, Therapy/Rehab Devices, etc.)

Unused Medical Supplies:

Urological: (Any diapers, Compact, Intermittent, Foley and Male External Catheters, Leg Bags, Drainage Bags, Irrigation and Insertion Trays, etc.)

Ostomy: (Skin Barrier, Pouches, Rings, Wipes, Strips, etc.)

Wound Care: (Cloth, Elastic and Foam Tapes, Adhesive removers, dressings, gauze, wound care bandages, etc.)

Diabetics: (Meter, Test Strips, Lancets, etc.)

Oxygen: (Portable oxygen concentrator, C-pap, etc.)

Tube feeding supplies: (Feeding pump, tubes and liquids “ensure”,etc.)


If you have any items not listed above please call us to see if we are able take them

Main office-Drop off Location

Arizona Chapter PVA
5015 N. 7th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85013

To Schedule a Pickup

Call: 602-244-9168Phoenix

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