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Many people don’t realize the extent of PVA history; we are one of the original Veteran Organizations with deep roots connected to many of the current bills, legislation, and advocacy that support Veterans with disabilities, non-service disabled, disabled civilians and those with spinal cord injury. Following WWII, Veterans came together in search of answers and a better quality of life for themselves and others.

The links below provide an insight to the journey of these founding father Veterans and a better understanding of the milestones they achieved that still impact us today. PVA was the first Veterans organization to fight for Veterans with disabilities- and win. And we’re not done yet.

1946-1971 Paraplegic News – 25 Years of History

Paraplegic News – 40 Years of News and Views

Paralyzed Veterans of America 50 Years 1946-1996

Celebrating 60 Years of Service

An Oral History of the Paralyzed Veterans of America


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