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The First Healing Of Memories Workshop For Women Veterans

The First Healing of Memories Workshop for Women Veterans

We are pretty pleased to see this workshop expanded to embrace the needs of our military sisters;  providing a safe, interactive and experiential way to express anger, loss, grief, and guilt. Free of charge to any woman service member or veteran, this retreat is thought to be a major step in the healing of psychological and spiritual wounds. Transportation is provided for those who need it. Each workshop generally accepts 20 participants.

The Healing of Memories Workshop was created by Father Michael Lapsley, an Anglican missionary priest, who in 1990 suffered the loss of his hands and the sight in one eye from a letter bomb that was sent to him in Zimbabwe by a supporter of the pro-apartheid government in South Africa. After a long recovery from the bombing, Father Lapsley decided to dedicate his life to helping victims of emotional, psychological and spiritual wounds inflicted by war, human rights abuses and other traumatic circumstances.

Click on the poster provided below for more info:

2017-HOM-Womens Only April Retreat-POSTER


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