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Wrap Up On 2017 Arizona StandDown

Wrap Up on 2017 Arizona StandDown

We were so pleased to be a small part of this important veteran event supporting at risk and homeless veterans in our state. The extremely competent and ever knowledgeable Gabe Forsberg really put our donations to work; the Lennox angels and hearts found many new homes and we know the Target and Safeway gift cards will certainly assist in making ends meet for our women veterans in need. It’s such a good thing to pay it forward.

Interesting Fact: One fourth of the volunteers at this year’s StandDown were veterans themselves.

Nugget of Hope: Among the group of amazing volunteers was a veteran who was living in her car with her children before her life changed at last year’s StandDown.

Click below for a more detailed breakdown of this year’s Maricopa StandDown attendance and how these numbers compare to previous years:

AAR 2017 Women Vet and Family Services

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