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Moving Our Heroes Home

Moving Our Heroes Home

Mortgage Free Houses for Veterans, Active & Non-Active Duty National Guard


Homes on the Homefront has a home in Goodyear, the application deadline is fast approaching

Homes on the Homefront Program partnered with JP Morgan Chase and Meritage to give away mortgage free homes to our veterans and military families. The criteria includes (but is not limited to) the following:
Must have an honorable discharge or retirement,
no one residing in the home can own a home, own land,
or have a name on a mortgage, and the applicant must have  a felony free record.

Homes on the Homefront Program caters to veterans of all eras (Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm, Desert Shield, OEF, OIF, etc), as long as they served honorably. All active and inactive National Guard and reservists are also eligible to apply.
Please note, while mortgage-free, these homes are not cost free. The selected families live in the homes for a period of at least 2 years as “tenants,” where they are required to pay a monthly “rent” for the annual property taxes, home insurance, warranty, closing costs and homeowner association fees (if applicable). The property is deeded to the client mortgage-free, only needing to continue to pay property taxes, insurance and homeowner association fees (if applicable) once the property is in their name.

Check out all of the information, look at the Goodyear house, and apply for home here. Deadline is June 25, there’s still time!

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